Cream of the Crop — SuperCell’s Clash Royale

Clash Royale was SuperCell’s first take on the card game. There were so many games ahead of the company who such move too. There was YuGiOh, Hearthstone, just to name a few. But none of it really made a lot of noise compared to Clash Royale. I mean, if it is made by SuperCell, then it should be epic or at least half amazing right? Turns out, the game really made a statement in the world of mobile card games. It was so addicting that millions and millions of gamers are into it. What with the game that made it the way it is? Well, let us examine it.
First thing you will notice on this game is the characters. If you have been into mobile gaming quite some time, then, it is easy for you to spot that the game utilizes the same characters as the one we can see with Clash of Clans. There is this hog rider, goblins, wizard, etc. Besides that, you can also see that the game even has the almost the same elements as COC. You have to buy gems, you have to upgrade, you have to strategize. Everything except for one… the game is a basically a card game. You are dealing with cards, and your opponent is a real human on some part of the world who knows where.

The gameplay mechanic is quite simple. At least, that was my first reaction during my first try of the game. It has this YUGiOH feel but better. Everything can be learned in just a couple of minutes esp. if you are coming from the Clash of Clans game. Why? Because as I have said earlier the elements of the game is from COC except that it is a card game. The main selling point of the game is the fact that the gameplay is fast. And you are competing against a real person, not just a bot. Having to play with another person is definitely a lot better than just an AI. And the strategy is endless. You maybe a low level player but with the right tactics, you are able to beat a relatively higher level player which makes the game even more interesting for those who can really pay for the premium items in the game.

Overall, Clash Royale (during the time of writing this article) is the best game SuperCell has ever made. It is complete with the elements of a fan and interesting game but here comes the new game of supercell its called brawl stars you can get more information on

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