Phase 1 Strategy for Clash Royale

In Clash Royale you will get success rate of wiping enemy main structure with 73.49 percent chances when you are using this card combination on your deck. The first card you should have is the knight. One will be the frontline that can do mini push and delay upcoming enemy troops. The second card unit will be the archers. They are a big help to boost mini push. Archer can be in and out position during attacking and back up pushing.

The third card unit is Giant, which is an aggressive tanking and defense. This is a second phase of attacking as giants will be the next frontline. They are good at absorbing enemy attack. This gentle giant has a great HP for a good second phase of attack.

With the help of 4th card unit, “Witch” will be able to destroy defenses like tower and attacking unit. Make sure the Witch is always at the back of the Giant to summon skeleton in melee attack.
Once the Giants and the Witch penetrated the defenses, this is a good time to deploy bomber. This Bomber is the 5th unit card that focuses on running to the nearest target structure and diving to the structure with heavy explosions that can cause great damage or can instantly destroy structure.

The final unit card that has a 65 percent to destroy main structure will be the Valkery; one that delivers devastating damage for just one hit. The negative side for this card unit is she is very expensive for a card unit, so deploying her on the field must be in good spot and precise.

When card unit isn’t enough, you can always cast some spells like the fire ball. This type of spell can burn down enemy card unit HP. It would be good to cast a spell card when attack groups are within the circle range of fire ball. The last spell that continues to deplete the enemies HP is the Raining Arrow. This type of spell card is called the finisher. It kills card with low HP.

If the phase one strategy is not successful, then repeat the phasing system of deck deployment. When applying this phase 1 strategy, you have to be quick and find a good spot to deploy unit card and utilize all your spell card with in the early time. When deploying the tanker, you must back them up with assaulting unit cards. If the phase 1 card combination is not effective for you, then you can try shuffle mode.

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